Colby Schreck - Drum Lessons Denton Texas The (Ghost) Note Music School



A native of Irving, TX, Colby's love for drums began Christmas of his 4th grade year when he received a CB700 5pc Kit in black wrap (With only the finest brass cymbals!). After many hours of playing with CD's (AKA: bashing the cymbals into morphed versions of their former selves and breaking both pedals) a trip to the local music store was made and his love with playing drums/music and the world of gear was solidified.

Colby began playing and teaching locally in high school eventually attending and graduating in 2011 from the University of North Texas College of Music with a degree in Jazz Studies Music Performance. While at UNT Colby had the pleasure of studying under Ed Soph, Mike Drake, Ed Smith, José Aponte, Christopher Dean, and Paul Rennick. After graduating Colby continued his own local teaching practice and gigging throughout the Southwest playing an assortment of Jazz, Top 40, rock, CCM, and country with various musicians.

Since August of 2012 Colby has owned/managed and taught lessons at The (Ghost) Note Drum Shop & Music School in Denton, Tx.

Colby currently spends most of his time focused on The (Ghost) Note, teaching lessons throughout the week and working as a freelance drummer. Outside music Colby loves nothing more than spending time with family, his dog Indie, drinking exorbitant amounts of coffee, running and doing headstands.

Joseph James - Drum Lessons Denton Texas The (Ghost) Note Music School



Austin, TX native Joseph James HAS taught with The (Ghost) Note since 2017, specializing in Rudimental Snare, Jazz, R&B, Rock and Roll, Hip-hop and Electronic styles for drum set.

JAMES STUDIED MUSIC THEORY and JAZZ DRUMSET at Austin Community College 2010-2012 AND the university of north texas 2013-2015. he had the privilege of studying under great educators and artists including brannen temple, russel scanlon, sean smith, craig nazor, jose aponte, paul rennick and ed soph.

regularly performing in texas for the last decade, james leads his jazz trio in dallas, tx and freelances for ccm and cover bands.

Sean Torres - Guitar Lessons The (Ghost) Note Denton TX.jpg



Sean’s passion for music was inevitable. Raised in Austin Texas, he was constantly surrounded by artistic community. Watching his father play the guitar are some of his first memories. At the age of 11, Sean seriously dedicated himself to learning the guitar. All throughout middle school and high school, while attending some of Austin’s most recognized music programs as a saxophone player, Sean had taught himself guitar. By listening to classic blues, rock and roll, and metal records, by the time he graduated high school, he had a strong musical ear.

Sean moved to the DFW area in 2012 and has taken every opportunity he could to learn Dallas’s musical spectrum. Since graduating from UNT in 2017 with a degree in Jazz Performance, Sean performs regularly with Jazz groups, R&B cover bands, Gospel artists, and his own creative projects around Dallas. By utilizing his unique arsenal of styles, Sean is ready to enhance the Denton guitar community with his teachings and his creativity.

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Piano / Arranging

Born into a musical family, Colin began playing piano at the early age of five. His journey began with both classical and blues traditions, expanding further into jazz as he began playing trumpet at the age of 11. Excelling at both instruments through high school, Colin began focusing more exclusively on the piano, and in 2008 he moved to Texas to attend the University of North Texas (UNT) on scholarship for jazz piano. While at UNT, Colin played in the university's premier One O’Clock Lab Band, touring the US and UK as well as writing and playing for the band's “Lab ‘11” album. Since graduating with honors in 2012, Colin keeps busy as a Hammond B3 player for Kenneth Copeland Ministries and all over the DFW area, as well as serving as a multi-keyboardist in blues, gospel, soul, neo-soul, pop, and jazz bands all over Texas.

Mike Luzecky - The (Ghost) Note Music School Bass Lessons Denton, TX


Bass - Electric & Upright

Mike Luzecky, a native of St Louis, Missouri, is a bassist/educator currently residing in the DFW metro-plex in Texas.

In 2007, Luzecky accepted a performance scholarship to attend the University of North Texas, where he had the opportunity to study with Lynn Seaton, Stefan Karlsson, Fred Hamilton and Jose Aponte among others.

While a student at UNT, he was honored to have performed a small Texas tour with NYC based guitarist Miles Okazaki (Steve Coleman, Dan Weiss). He was also fortunate to share the stage with legendary Cuban drummer Ignacio Berroa (Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Haden) with the UNT Latin Jazz Ensemble. He graduated in 2012 with a performance degree in jazz bass.

Since graduating, Luzecky has had the privilege to perform with Josh Groban, “Blue” Lou Marini (The Blues Brothers, Blood, Sweat & Tears), NYC based saxophonist Adam Larson, Li Xiaochuan, and can be found playing regularly around the DFW/Austin areas with a variety of bands and artists (TOMKAT, Kaela Sinclair, Joel Cross, Tatiana “LadyMay” Mayfield, Stefan Karlsson, Stockton Helbing, The Night Above Us, The Southpaw Preachers, Fundamental, Horace Bray, Sky Window, Spenser Liszt, Dallas Horns).